Personal stories of recovery from addiction

In Narcotics Anonymous we talk about identifying with the similarities and not the differences when our members share their experience of recovery from addiction. Here you will find a variety of member shares from conventions and meetings around the country.

These recordings are not official Narcotics Anonymous publications, merely individual members talking about their own lives in active addiction, and now in recovery through the program of Narcotics Anonymous. Our official views can be found in our literature.

Gauteng Area Convention 2007
Kevin S 4114 downloads 1.43 MB download
Greg C 3581 downloads 2.12 MB download
Regional Convention 2006
Ezekiel N 1630 downloads 2.5 MB download
Tako S 1658 downloads 2.79 MB download
Absalon C 1858 downloads 4.14 MB download
Ted J 1910 downloads 3.22 MB download
Susen G 2024 downloads 2.56 MB download
Regional Convention 2007
Debbie 2101 downloads 2.87 MB download
Kim 1986 downloads 2.35 MB download
Jill 1976 downloads 1.1 MB download
Senzo 1649 downloads 2.21 MB download
Oren 1663 downloads 2.01 MB download
Alex 2016 downloads 3.14 MB download