Next ECASC Meeting- 28 November 2020


The ASC is an Area Committee of the Eastern-Cape NA service structure. Most of the hands-on work of delivering NA services to the groups and the community occurs at the ASC level. NA groups support meetings where addicts can share their recovery with one another. But there are many more things that can and are done to further the aims of Narcotics Anonymous, such as:

H&I – H&I meetings can carry the NA message of recovery to addicts who
do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.
H&I is an important service in our public relations efforts in NA

PR –The purpose of public relations in Narcotics Anonymous is to inform the public that NA exists and offers recovery from the disease of addiction. A public relations committee helps to ensure that accurate information about our fellowship is available to the public.

Fellowship Development- To plan and provide services and support which facilitate the continuation and growth of Narcotics Anonymous in our area.

Website – Directories showing where and when NA groups in the area hold their recovery meetings can help addicts and others find nearby meetings being conducted at times convenient to them.

Phone-line service can help addicts seeking recovery find a meeting in their area. It can also provide information about NA to interested community members.

Literature – A ready supply of NA books and pamphlets can make it easier for groups to stock their literature tables.

Events – Social activities can help addicts feel more comfortable in their local NA community and increase unity and camaraderie among area members.