For family members

Recovery in NA involves more than simply abstinence from drugs.

from IP #27: For the parents…

All Narcotics Anonymous meetings have a primary purpose: to help addicts, or people who feel they may have a problem with drugs. Members in meetings share their experiences of recovery with other addicts. Open meetings are available for non-addicts and family members to attend, and these are usually specified on our meeting lists. Regular or closed meetings are for addicts or people who feel they may have a problem with drugs.

If you are not an addict and wish to attend a meeting, look for an open meeting, which welcomes nonaddicts.

Newcomers are the most important people at any meetings, and meetings will often provide support for addicts attending for the first time. If your family member feels they may have a drug problem and has any queries about attending a meeting for the first time, they should contact the helpline.

A list of our meetings can be found here.

Many family members find the support they need in groups designed to help the families and loved ones of addicts (such as Nar-Anon). Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with these organizations, nor do we recommend one program over another. We simply provide this information in a spirit of cooperation.

Narcotics Anonymous does not endorse or lend its name to any treatment, rehabilitation or related facilities, nor does NA employ any councillors. There are no fees or dues to attend NA meetings.