Narcotics Anonymous offers free support to addicts though online meetings

Narcotics Anonymous launched online meetings in 2019 to reach the still suffering addicts unable to reach a meeting. Narcotics Anonymous have expanded their meetings to online and now offer online meetings every day. Please note online meetings are for addicts only or those who feel they may have a problem with drugs.

As with all Narcotics Anonymous meetings, our members meet regularly using the online meeting platform, where they introduce themselves as addicts and carry the message of hope and how to stay clean. NA meetings all have the same primary purpose: to carry the message of recovery to any addict that may need it.

Narcotics Anonymous is a free, non-profit fellowship of people for whom drugs have become a major problem. NA’s program is open to addicts of all ages, nationalities, cultures, creed, gender identity, and religions. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.
If you believe you may have a drug problem, and unable to get to a face-to-face meeting we recommend you consider attending an online meeting There is no cost to attend and no booking required. If you need help finding an existing face-to-face meeting or more information, give the helpline a call (0861 00 6962).