• Meeting Information

    Wednesday, to 9:00 pm

    • Online Meeting

    Physical meeting special requirements:

    • Facemask to be worn at all times
    • Temperature screening – Anyone with a temperature exceeding 37.5⁰C will be refused entry
    • Sanitizer will be provided and members will be required to sanitize on entry
    • No physical contact and social distancing to be adhered to at all times
    • COVID-19 Attendance register to be completed on entry with at least first name and contact number including declaration questions answered
    • No tea/coffee break or refreshments offered
    • No literature or keyrings will be available – Preambles and readings will be distributed electronically
    • Seating will be set out as per social distancing requirements. This is not to be re-arranged during the meeting. Once seated, members are permitted to leave the venue but will not be permitted to return while the meeting is running.
    • Maximum venue capacity of 25 people. Service members will try and ensure that newcomers/people in their first 90 days/people that don’t have access to the online platform will have preference for attending the meeting.
    • There will be a service member attending to access at the door at all times


  • Online Meeting

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    Online password: 317994

  • St Agnes Church Hall

    13 Dublin St
    Cape Town
    South Africa

    Western Cape

  • Updated Nov 24, 2020