Starting an NA meeting

The primary purpose of an NA group is to carry the message of recovery to any addict that may need it. The group provides each member with the opportunity to share and to hear the experience of other addicts who are learning to live a better way of life without the use of drugs. The group is the primary vehicle by which our message is carried. It provides a setting in which a newcomer can identify with recovering addicts and find an atmosphere of recovery.

Starting an NA meeting can be relatively easy. NA meetings may vary greatly in structure and format, however, there is always one constant: They are started so that the NA message of recovery can be carried to the still-suffering addict in the most effective way– addict to addict.

What is the process?

  1. Read the group booklet and understand our traditions, especially traditions 5, 6 and 7
  2. Request a meeting starter pack from our fellowship development subcommittee, or purchase a meeting starter pack from your local literature group
  3. Download a meeting format, and adapt it as required
  4. Submit your meeting information on our website
  5. If your area supports it, elect a GSR and join the local area service committee

Sample meeting formats for South African meetings