Face to Face Meeting List Update

If your group has decided to reopen face-to-face meetings, under Level 1 lockdown restrictions, please take the time to complete the form below to ensure we have all the relevant information. The Website subcommittee will use this information to ensure your meeting’s requirements are clearly displayed on the meeting list page for any members wanting to attend.

We must verify the request before making this change so please supply a valid email address or else this request will not be actioned.
Enter the name of your meeting as you would like it to appear on the list.
Select the day of the week your meeting takes place.
Enter the time in which your meeting starts.
Please add the physical address of your meeting; preferably copied from Google Maps (open this link https://bit.ly/3cmdroJ for an example of where to copy it).
Please tell us which date your first F2F meeting is scheduled to take place.
What special requirements do people need to be made aware of? For example, will members be required to fill in personal details on entry, face mask required, temp checked, or any other requirements from the venue themselves.
Please indicate if you would like us to remove the online meeting from the https://na.org.za/wc/online/ meetings page.