Western Cape Online meetings

Below you will find a list of all available online meetings in the Western Cape. Each meeting is grouped by day and contains the link to the online meeting along with a password, if relevant. Clicking on the link should open up the relevant app on your computer or mobile device.

We have also created a public, shared calendar you can subscribe to. Subscribing to this calendar will add all the online meetings to your favourite calendar app on your computer or mobile device.

Instructions to add the calendar are available for Google, macOS & iOS, Outlook (online), and Outlook (PC).

When prompted for the URL to the shared/public calendar, use https://nawc.co.za/meetings-calendar and you will be subscribed to the meeting list. Any changes made to meetings will automatically update in your calendar.

If you are a GSR or would like to have any details changed on the list below, please send the Website team a request by completing the following Online Meeting List Request form.